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Analyzing the profits of "Global Superstore"


This map shows the sum of profits for the global superstore in each US state. The higher the number, the bigger the size of the circle, and the darker shade of red indicates more profit. As we can see, Texas has the least amount of profit, and California has the most profitability in the United States.


This line graph is showing us the profitability trend from 2011-2014. We can see that California has had a steady increse in profit on a yearly basis. Good job California!


After seeing the increasing trend in profits in California, we wanted to see which product categoies were doing the best. Therefore, this bar graph shows the three different types of products sold and we can recognize that Office Supplies is the category that brings in the most money.


Finally, after seeing that Office supplies was the best, we used the data we had to make a forecast of future profitability. We were able to conclude that Office Supplies should be able to keep a constant upward trend in sales through 2016.

If there are any other questions about this data please contact Professor Jeff Jenkins-BYU Provo.